About Bogey Is Life


In order to understand Bogey Is Life – we should start with brothers Brett and Jarred. These two are the heart and soul of Bogey Is Life.  Their bodies were sculpted from the sweat of Greek gods. Their minds are attributed with the intellectual capacity to the likes of Albert Einstein and Socrates. Some say they are as close to perfect God was willing to go. Bodybuilding aesthetic masterpiece genius philosophizers.*  

Due to their superiority – life became dull and boring so brothers Brett and Jarred sought a challenge that no man has truly conquered: To build the perfect golf shirt, with the perfect amount of flare, fit and feel that will make an average male feel as if he were Brett or Jarred himself.

*Editor’s note: The above mentioned facts are alternative facts – and should only be used alternatively to the truth. We are just like every other above par golfer in the land. We like beer and being away from our house for 4-6 hours every Saturday.


I grew up in Hopkinsville, Kentucky – the greatest place on earth. My childhood consisted of sneaking out of the house to bong beers with my friends and sometimes play a little baseball. I was fortunate enough to attend Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio for my undergraduate degree where I met my better half, Kate. Immediately following undergrad – I attended Northern Kentucky University for law school. Post law school I have found that the paper pushing world of law does not turn me on.  I negotiated contracts on behalf of the United States government for a few years before turning to my passion of business and creativity.

My passion is to make people feel good. I have found that my form of expression is through all outlets – but I really love wearing that one article of clothing that sparks a little conversation. Hundreds of hours have gone into the selection of golf polo designs. All to bring the perfect product to the world. I know golf is craving the recreation of golf style – and I think we have the answer.


My name is Brett Armstrong. I’m from Hopkinsville, a small town in Western Kentucky. I went to Murray State University but a proud member of Big Blue Nation. I started playing golf while I was in college. I quickly fell in love with every aspect of the game. I don’t know of another sport that allows the player to customize the game as much as golf. And I mean everything from your style of putter, hybrids or low irons, and most of all your outfit.If you had no idea what day of the week it was, woke up and saw Tiger wearing red, what day is it? But customization goes beyond colors, styles, etc… 

Golf is a game you can play at any level and have the capability of wearing your personality. This is what Bogey Is Life represents. This idea is what sparked my brother and I to create it.A company that represents the love for the game at any level, whether it be a 30-handicap player or a scratch golfer. Wearing a funky ass polo that makes the rest of the foursome hesitate prior to teeing off is a 15 stroke advantage to me. Welcome to Bogey Is Life.


So, you are wondering, “What is the perfect Golf shirt?”  Bogey Is Life believes life is too short to be boring. If you are looking for an average solid colored golf polo – you are in the wrong place. Bogey Is Life believes the perfect golf shirt is moisture-wicking, quick drying, machine washable with a fit and color scheme that will put a smile on not only our customers’ faces – but those that happen to see and interact with our garments.  
Bogey Is Life polo’s are ethically manufactured to ensure our products provide a healthy and safe working environment. We strive to provide good living wages in order to help reduce poverty, create sustainable communities and minimize our environmental impact.  We are working diligently to bring our manufacturing process to the United States.  This is an internal commitment we have made – and 100% stand-by.

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